tdr0801_The reason why under elevated train of Electric Railway is noisy


Under elevated train that train runs is so noisy each time train passes.

Since the technology has developed the noise became less than before and became more comfortable, but there is a place with “DisneySea Electric Railway”, which is a train that runs inside of Tokyo DisneySea that is constructed “to make the noise louder”.

The place noise can be heard loud is New York area in American Waterfront.

There is elevated railway for train to run and the noise made to get louder each time train passes here. Isn’t it weird that it is constructed to make the noise louder?

Why it has been constructed like that?

New York area that has elevated railway is a subarea that made having an image of New York in beginning of 20th Century and at that time noise of moving train that can be heard from elevated railway was so loud at that time.

Therefore, to bring that back to existence perfectly to suit the image, so the noise is made to hear loud.

This makes us feel how Disney has intention for real things that never compromise small performances.

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