tdr0799_No restroom at “Toyville Trolley Park”! Countermeasure that took then


“Toyville Trolley Park” is a new area that is located at “American Waterfront”, which is a theme park in Tokyo DisneySea.

It is created in motif of world of view of Pixar film “Toy Story” and this area has theme good old American travelling circus. It is such a popular attraction that everyday “Toy Story Mania!” is full of guests.

Anyway, inside the “Toyville Trolley Park”, which many people come and gather there is no “restroom”. Even it is a smaller area when comparing to other places, it is so inconvenient the fact there is no restroom.

So, since that area opened expansion of “restroom”, which is nearest from “Toyville Trolley Park” was occurred. The expansion was occurred on restroom of “NEW YORK CITY WATER WORKERS”.

It is located between the entrance of “Toyville Trolley Park” and “Tower of Terror” and this place originally used by many people.

Therefore, 14 toilets (women) were provided, which is quite a large number, but since the “Toyville Trolley Park” opened more than twice the number of toilets, which is 30 was added in total.

Restroom issue is very serious at places where people gather.

It is impressive how Disney is taking countermeasure so quickly to not let the guest to have troubles.

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