tdr0737_Funny performance of store that is located inside mouth of whale, “Sleepy Whale Shop”


“Sleepy Whale Shop” is located at the corner of Triton’s Kingdom of Tokyo DisneySea.

It is a shop that opened inside mouth of female whale who is easygoing and loves having a nap using boats or cargo boxes that swallowed and it sells goods and snacks of film “The Little Mermaid”

Anyway, such extraordinary shop “Sleepy Whale Shop” there is a performance that does not exist with “normal shop” because it is inside the whale’s mouth.

1: Floor of shop is “spongy”.

To express inside whale mouth the floor springs slightly.

2: “Whale bones” are lined up like bridge on ceiling.

When looking up the bones are fully exposed and indirect lights are applying.

3: Whale eyes sometime open.

She is supposed to be having a nap, but her eyes sometime open.

Of course the interiors and exteriors have unique ideas, but to make the floor springy to make it close to like inside body is such an interesting idea. How about visiting this shop when you come near Triton’s Kingdom?

May be you are lucky enough to meet the whale having eyes opened.

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