tdr0720_The size of “S.S Columbia” is same as normal cruise ship?


At one of Tokyo DisneySea’s theme port “American Waterfront” there is luxury liner that is like symbol of theme park “S.S Columbia” is at anchor.

It has a story setting that it is about to set out on her maiden voyage and it is not a real cruise ship, but the look of the cruise ship with full of preference of Imagineer, which is Disney proud to presents is so real and spectacular.

It is overwhelming from the size when seeing it close, but how large do you think it is?

Actually it is 459.31 feet long.

This doesn’t beat the “Luxury liner (820 feet to 1148 feet), but it is same size as normal cruise ship (around 492 feet).

By the way “Mark Twain Riverboat”, which is Tokyo Disneyland’s “aquatic palace” has 111.54 feet that it is only 1 over 4 size of “S.S Columbia”.

When comparing we see how big the “S.S Columbia” is.

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