tdr0689_Which Mediterranean port town became the model of Mediterranean Harbor?


“Mediterranean Harbor” is an entrance of Tokyo DisneySea.

As the name of “Mediterranean Harbor ” says this theme port was made in motif of Mediterranean port town that actually exists.

Place that became a model of that is “Portofino” and “Cinque Terre”, which is located northwestern Italy, canal of “Venetia”, which is a city of northeastern Italy, and Portugal and Spain’s coast fortress.

All these places are famous harbor of Mediterranean.

Portofino is known as the most beautiful fishing town of Italy and now it is very popular as luxurious resort.

Aspect of historical brown buildings that lined up by the coast is harbor of Mediterranean itself. That atmosphere is adopted around “Hotel MiraCosta” of Mediterranean Harbor of Tokyo DisneySea.

Also 5 villages “Cinque Terre” that line up at Italian Riviera of northwestern Italy is a wine producing region registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage and is known as a tourism spot that has high popularity from the view of beautiful sea and cultural landscape.

Ships that lined up on the coast or atmosphere of buildings that still has great texture even the color faded out adopted on Mediterranean Harbor too.

Mediterranean Harbor has full of great things of Mediterranean.

It is not that easy to go to the real Mediterranean, so it is a good idea to experience resort mood at Mediterranean Harbor.

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