tdr0681_Back story that hidden on the outside of port town of Tokyo DisneySea


“Mediterranean Harbor” is an entrance of Tokyo DisneySea.

Once stepping inside DisneySea Aquasphere welcome the guests and port town and ocean is expanding further inside. Popular hotel “Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta” is also located in this theme port.

Port town can be viewed from guest room and it allows guests to spend fantastic day.

When speaking of restaurant that is perfect for “Mediterranean Harbor”, which is port town that has atmosphere of good old is “Zambini Brothers Ristorante”.

As the name of restaurant says it is a restaurant that is run by Zambini brothers and it provides Italian food such as pizza or pasta.

Of course the food is tasty, but what I want you to pay attention is the outside of the restaurant.

It has a theme of welcoming the travelers and renovated the late 19th Century’s winery… And the faithful exterior has vintage atmosphere, which fits port town perfectly and it makes you feel like you are in some other country.

Moreover, this tasteful exterior that has 19th Century look doesn’t apply on buildings around the restaurant. As moving towards “Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta” from “Zambini Brothers Ristorante” the buildings and view gets newer.

That is because…

There is a backstory of

“Sequence of Zambini brothers developed business spaces”.

To create a story even on exterior of port town is only Disney could think of. Please check carefully the exterior of buildings of Tokyo DisneySea.

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