tdr0680_National idol group reserved Tokyo DisneySea!?


On November 20th 2009, national idol group reserved Tokyo DisneySea and held an event.

That national idol group is “Arashi”.

Arashi has top class of popularity among idols at Johnny & Associates and such idol group collaborated with Disney to hold an even called “House Foods Premium Night Arashi in Tokyo DisneySea”.

This event was an campaign event by Tokyo DisneySea’s sponsor “House Foods” 25 groups 50 people were selected from “open prize” which can be participate by answering quiz and 3,500 groups 7,000 people were selected from “closed prize”, which can be participate by purchasing House Foods products.

By the way 5 million of people have applied to wish to get into the 3525 groups 7050 people.

This number tells how “Arashi” and Disney” is popular.

In 2011, Tokyo Disney Resort invited popular idol group “AKB” and held an event called “House Foods, Thank You to Everyone Special Night AKB48 in Tokyo DisneySea”.

This also was a success.

It is unknown that these kinds of events will appear again in the future, but hopefully the event gets perform regularly.

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