tdr0657_It is not well know actually? Herb Garden of Tokyo DisneySea


When taking Herbs in when you are exhausted, because it boosts up the apatite when using it for cooking or has relax effect when putting in tea or aroma, so it makes you refresh.

Actually did you know that certain place of Tokyo DisneySea grows herbs that send the smell away around?

That place is backyard of “Zambini Brother’s Ristorante”, which is an Italian restaurant that is located at Mediterranean Harbor.

Herbs like rosemary or lemon balm that has strong aroma that restaurant proudly presents are grown at there, so you can enjoy that fresh smell just walking in front of that restaurant.

Also, plants of lemon or tangerine are planted, so you can also enjoy the citrus smell like sour-sweet smell depending on the time of year.

This restaurant has many seats, so it is perfect for taking a break.

It is one of great ideas to relax with natural warm scent.

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