tdr0654_What is that bronze statue that is located in front of McDuck’s Department Store?


“McDuck’s Department Store” carries many goods of Duffy and Shellie May.

It is located at “American Waterfront” of Tokyo DisneySea and is a popular shop that built by Donald Duck’s uncle “Scrooge McDuck’s”.

Anyway, there is a bronze statue of “certain famous person” is located in front of main entrance of that shop.

That famous person is “Christopher Columbus” who left a history during age of Discovery.

He is famous for being the first European that arrived American Sea, but why his bronze statue is located here?

Actually this Columbus bronze statue is facing “Mediterranean Harbor”.

And “Mediterranean Harbor” is a theme port that created under a concept of Italy, which Columbus’s home.

Therefore, Columbus who came to American Sea from Italy facing Italy (Mediterranean Harbor) from American Sea (American Waterfront) to go back.

Columbus bronze statue seems having no relation, but it is an agreeable performance when you know the background story.

By the way, the circular Plaza where Columbus statue is called “Columbus Circle” and this name of Plaza actually exists in Manhattan, New York.

“Columbus Circle” of Manhattan has marbled Columbus statue is located center of circle and there is circular crossing of roadway around.

May be Tokyo DisneySea’s Columbus Circle is created in motif of New York’s Columbus Circle.

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