tdr0648_Disney approved same-sex marriage? The first ever same-sex wedding that held in Tokyo DisneySea


On March 1st 2013 (Fri) one couple held wedding at Tokyo DisneySea.

One of them is “Koyuki Higashi (during her time at Takarazuka:Maki Aura) who performed male role at Takarazuka Revenue Flower Troupe.

And another person is “Hiroko” general female.

Actually wedding of between female was held.

Usually Disney wedding hold female wearing a wedding dress and male wearing tuxedo.

Wedding with two females and both wearing wedding dress never happened before.

Higashi contact Disney about “Disney Royal Dream Wedding”, which is a wedding program at “Cinderella Castle” that released in March 2012 if the “same-sex wedding was possible”.

Disney, which received a request came up with conclusion after meeting that Disney gave an answer of “positive with same-sex wedding” and it generates a reaction that this news was spread all over the world.

After a year they happily held a wedding.

Higashi and Hiroko’s Same-sex wedding, which is first ever at Disney was distributed all over the world by Reuters of America and it was even appeard on New York Times.

Disney wedding that brings the ones loving each other together by free from the gender.

Dreamland accepts all kinds of guests.

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