tdr0645_Certain name is on the ship? The name of character in Italian


“Mediterranean Harbor” is an entrance of Tokyo DisneySea.

It is a theme port that has Prometheus Volcano and incredible sea spreads in sight when stepping inside and is in motif of good old European harbor, so there are full of Disney humorous creativities.

There is one of creativities that can be found on boats.

“Mediterranean Harbor”, which has theme of harbor has many boats laying anchor and there are 3 boats with words of “QUI” “QUO” and “QUA”, so I would like to explain what kind of performance it is.

This is Donald’s triplets name “Huey”, “Dewey”, and “Louie” written in Italian, so it is indicating “QUI is Huey”, “QUO is Dewey”, and “QUA is Louie”.

By the way, there are characters name on signboards, informatory signs in Italian everywhere, so it would be fun to look up when finding interesting signs.

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