tdr0638_There was a certain shop located in Arabian Coast?


“Arabian Coast” is a theme port of Tokyo DisneySea that recreated the world of Disney film “Aladdin” and there are so many creativities related to Aladdin hiding at such place.

There is one creativity that is related to Disney villains (enemy) that appears in “Aladdin”….Do you know what it is?

When speaking of villains of “Aladdin” is “Jafar” who is a minister of state works under King Sultan and also a sorcerer.

He is the most evil character of Disney who treats Sultan as he wants and torments Aladdin by taking the kingship, but there is a shop that he owns at “Arabian Coast”.

The shop is called ” JAFAR’S Shop of Wonder”.

He runs a shop that sells magic goods, which is so sorcerer shop, but it is closed now due to an order from King Sultan, so there is a notice saying ” Closed by order the Sultan” on the door with huge lock.

Guests cannot enter the shop, but it is very curious what kind of goods Jafar sells.

Even it looks like one of background, but there are stories on each thing…It is such a Disney park like that it has strong preference of creativities.

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