tdr0627_How to enjoy the “Welcome Skeleton Friends” at the DisneySea 10 times more


The Disney Halloween at the Disney Resort starts from September every year.

You may be familiar with the Halloween parade in the Disneyland and the “New York Halloween Follies” in the DisneySea.

Do you know another Halloween show called “Welcome Skeleton Friends”? Although being a little smaller compared to the shows above, it is also very lively and fun.

In the show, Disney characters as well as a lot of skeletons appear, who try to make friends with the guests. This article describes what this show is like.

The skeletons who want to become friends with people play the main roles in the “Welcome Skeleton Friends”. The story is about them getting closer to and becoming friends with the guests with the help of Disney characters.

At first, the skeletons have a hard time communicating with the guest well and show comical behaviors, which is worth watching.

Normal shows feature dances performed to music, but this show is very unique, with different atmosphere.

With the subject of “friendship”, the show even includes “daruma-san ga koronda” (children’s game in Japan, similar to Red Light Green Light) so children can also enjoy.

After the show starts, the skeletons first prepare for the performance. Many skeletons dance and try to communicate with the guests.

However, they can’t make themselves understood and start to get confused. Then, Mickey and other Disney characters appear and they do quizzes and play “daruma-san ga koronda” together.

As they play various games together, skeletons also communicate with the guests.

The “Welcome Skeleton Friends” is held at Lido Isle. Not only because of its small capacity but also because of the show using a large area, there is only a small number of seats available.

The characters walk around the area and dance hand in hand, which require a large space. Thus, admission is restricted early and it is difficult to secure a good seat.

Since the show is directed at the center, the central area of the venue is recommended but difficult to secure.

However, the skeletons and Disney characters move around the place during the show, so you can fully enjoy it even when you are not at the central area.

If you want to secure a best position, it may be a good idea to watch the second show of the day.

In the first show, the ‘early entry’ guests staying at Disney hotels are prioritized. So the second show is recommended for ordinary guests.

The guests wait at the back of a shop called Steamboat Mickey’s. It takes some time before you can enter the site, it is important to make a good plan.

Compared to Halloween parades and “New York Halloween Follies”, capacity of Welcome Skeleton Friends is far smaller.

Even so, it is worth visiting because you can interact closely with Disney characters and feel their characteristics. It is definitely a great entertainment.

The participatory feature of the show is also good for children. You are recommended to watch it once.

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