tdr0571_Arabian Coast’s bathrooms are different than others?


“Bath rooms” are definitely provided at places where people gather like shop, entertainment facility, or restaurant.

Most of the time men and women are separated that we often see sign of “MEN/WOMEN”, “DAMES/LADIES”, or “RESTROOM”.

Although, bathroom that is located at “Arabian Coast”, which is one of theme ports of Tokyo DisneySea doesn’t use such signs above.

“Special” sign that is perfect for dreamland is used.

The sign says “PRINCE/PRINCESS”

“PRINCE” for men and “PRINCESS” for women. As you would expect of a dreamland. Therefore, guests who are visiting Arabian Coast is treated as prince and princess.

Tokyo DisneySea even considering about bathroom sign.

These tastes and humorous is drawing guest’s attention.

Please check the bathroom sign when you visit “Arabian Coast”.

You may feel like prince or princess?

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