tdr0569_The way to see the back of DisneySea from roadway


“Tokyo DisneySea” is a marine theme park that is supporting Tokyo Disney Resort along Tokyo Disneyland since it opened on September 4th 2001.

It is different from Tokyo Disneyland that Tokyo DisneySea sells alcohol drinks, so it is a popular Disney park from grown up guests.

Speaking of Tokyo DisneySea, it has fantastic view that has ocean as main.

The ocean that spreads around Prometheus Volcano and view of each area that creating European or American port town almost makes the guest forget that they are in Japan.

This can successfully done by Tokyo DisneySea is creating the worldview of dreamland solidly to not let the guests to see the outside world from inside.

Although, buildings that are located inside the park relatively can be seen from outside world.

“Tower of Terror” that is located American Waterfront can be seen perfectly when driving the road of Urayasu cost along the Disney Resort Line, back of “S.S Columbia”, attractions that is located at Port Discovery like “StormRider”, or the roof of “Aquatopia” can be seen over hedge.

Those can be seen with “street view” of “Google map”, so if you are curious check it out.

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