tdr0532_What event that guests can enjoy DisneySea before it opens?


Tokyo DisneySea never has less popularity since it opened in 2001.

People get crowded even on weekdays that wherever you look at there is human being walking around and that’s how much this theme park is popular.

The crowd sometime makes the mood boosts up, but don’t you want to see the quiet DisneySea?

Actually, the event that can enjoy quiet Tokyo DisneySea before it opens was held once before.

The title of event was “Disney Walk”.

It was an event that allows guests to walk Tokyo DisneySea with walking map and was held for two days, which was on April 12th and 13th 2012 for 2 hours and 15 minuets, which was 7:45am to 10am for the first time.

It gathered many attentions that guests enjoyed the unordinary, but special time while taking pictures, walking the park as if you are walking somewhere without any other human being, and looking over the view that cannot be seen everyday.

But this event didn’t happen the next year and it held in 2014.

The event was held on 13th, 14th, and 27th to 29th for 5 days, which is longer than before and the time got changed that 7am to 9:25am,which is 10 minutes longer than before.

As a goal achievement, “certificate of achieving gold with two feet” was given in 2012 and “commemorative original medal achieving goal” was given in 2014.

Isn’t it an amazing event for guest that they can feel the rich atmosphere that cannot feel everyday and even have chance to get commemorative goods?

There is no plan for this event to be happened in the near future, but let’s hope that there will be one soon!

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