【tdr0495】Who are the rock people that exist at Tokyo DisneySea?


Tokyo DisneySea was opened on September 4th 2001.

Because there was differentiation with Tokyo Disneyland that many Disney characters like “The Little Mermaid” or “Aladdin” who cannot be seen very often at Tokyo Disneyland appeared frequently.

While Disney characters are crowded, because the park was just opened and also mysterious character appeared at Mysterious Island.

They are named “Rock People”.

It is a human shaped character with rock surface.

They are categorized and was active quietly as one of “atmosphere (small show)” of Tokyo DisneySea rather than a Disney character.

Because it looks just like the rock, so it blends with background of “Prometheus Volcano”, which is symbol of Mysterious Island, therefore guests doesn’t really realize the “Rock People”.

They don’t really have particular performances. To mention pantomime was their performance, so they stand quietly, sit, or walk extremely slowly.

They stand just like the real rocks and to let the guests surprise unexpectedly was kind of their job.

They have disappeared after awhile, but I hope they would pop out soon.

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