【tdr0436】Visit Tokyo DisneySea with railway if there is no particular way of getting there


To get to Tokyo DisneySea taking JR Keiyo line and get off at Maihama Station is regular way, but I am sure there are people going with car from various reasons. For example, when going with small kids or with grand parents or who is coming from far away that coasts less than coming with railway.

At Tokyo DisneySea, there is adjacent Tokyo DisneySea Parking, but there is only 2 places, which is plane parking space and multistory parking plus it gets full with 4,000 cars. After it gets full guests will be guide to “Resort Parking” 6 or 7, which is little far from the park.

Tokyo DisneySea’s average number of attendance is 50,000 per day, so parking space of 4,000 cars is way too small even more people coming with railway, so it is highly tend to be guided to Resort Parking as probability.

The parking fee is \2,000 ($20) at both Tokyo DisneySea Parking and Resort Parking. Although, Resort Parking is far apart from the main entrance. (There is shuttle bus from Resort Parking 6)

So, it is highly recommended to use railway when going to Tokyo DisneySea. But when you have to go with car then why not to park the car at coin parking along the Keiyo line without trying to get to Tokyo DisneySea and take Keiyo line to Maihama Station?

Although, there are people who think the same and park the car around one stop before or after the Maihama Station, which is Kasai Rinkai Koen Station or Shin Urayasu, so it would be better to park the car around Tokyo Station or around Funabashi, which is far from there.

There is one great thing when parking at Resort Parking. It makes easier to get to local streets avoiding the traffic jam on the way back because the parking is located far from Tokyo DisneySea. People tend to leave the Tokyo DisneySea around same time, so road that leads to Metropolitan Expressway from the parking gets jammed, but from Resort Parking the way of entering the expressway from different entrance by taking detour using local streets.

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