【tdr0431】The Gyoza dog. The secret of the naming


“Gyoza dog” is one of Tokyo DisneySea’s popular wagon foods.

There is always queue of guests who are wishing to get “Gyoza dog” in front of refreshment station shop, which it sells Gyoza dog.

“Gyoza dog” is as it says the name that it is Chinese dumpling with gyoza flavored in shape of gyoza, but how it started to call “gyoza dog” anyway?

When developing this product stuff tried to wrap the gyoza flavored ingredients with Chinese dumpling bun by sticking sides just like making gyoza, but it didn’t work that well.

That way of wrapping works only gyoza skin that when doing the same way with Chinese dumpling it cracks, because it is too thick and doesn’t close well.

After trials and errors, it looked like “hotdog” when wrapped at the top and made creases like gyoza, so they named “gyoza dog” mixing gyoza and hot dog.

It is cheap, but in away this naming is easy to imagine the product.

By the way, the ingredients of “gyoza dog” are minced pork scallions, bamboo, and ginger.

It is like mixing ingredients or gyoza and pork bun.

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