【tdr0410】The record that achieved on tanabata (the star festival).


Speaking of July 7th is “tanabata”, which is familiar event for Japanese.

I am sure every one has experienced to write the wish on paper and decorate the bamboo tree with it.

In 2002, on tanabata, which is also the day Vega and Altair meet “certain record” was achieved at Tokyo DisneySea.

The record is “Tokyo DisneySea achieved number of attendance of ten million”.

Tokyo DisneySea opened on September 4th, 2001, so this record was achieved with 307-business day.

To calculate backwards, it means 3 million people visit every day and made brilliant achievement of breaking the record of Tokyo Disneyland “ten million people with325 business day”.

To achieve that on tanabata is good timing and good fortune.

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