【tdr0388】Cake shapes of Prometheus Volcano


Speaking of huge Volcano at Tokyo DisneySea is Prometheus Volcano.

It has height of 167.32 feet that it is the second highest after “Tower of Terror” of 193.57 feet. From that presence it is like symbol of Tokyo DisneySea.

Such Prometheus Volcano, it can be also seen on the table of Hotel MiraCosta that is located at Tokyo DisneySea.

Actually it is provided as huge wedding cake.

The wedding plan of “DisneySea Fairy Tale Wedding” at Hotel Miracosta.

It is one of popular wedding plan that Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and other characters celebrating the marriage directly and the cake shapes “Prometheus Volcano” is one of wedding cake option.

And this “Prometheus Volcano cake” has performance of blowing out the smoke from the crater.

Because it is volcano, to not forget this kind of performance is great.

By the way the variation of cake is very rich that there are cakes shaped heart, cake with Mickey and Minnie set close, cake shaped of Mickey’s face, and gondola typed cake other than “Prometheus Volcano”.

When there is so many kinds it is hard to decide which one to pick.

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