【tdr0384】Passport was handed out for free?


When there are circumstances guests cannot enjoy the attractions or other at Tokyo Disney Resort they provide things in return for apology.

For example, when attraction is shut down for emergency or suspended and not knowing when it returns sometime preference ticket of attraction (valid only for specific attraction) is handed out for an apology.

This preference ticket’s power is stronger than “fastpass”.

The thought of making them priority, because of making them feel unpleasant is behind it.

Also, amazing thing other than preference ticket is handed out before.

That is “passport”. Of course it is free.

This also handed out for an apology of unexpected condition.

The unexpected event was occurred on October 22nd, 2004 at just before 4pm.

Large scale of blackout happened at Tokyo DisneySea.

This power failure was very serious and that moment there was no plan of restoration, so attractions were suspended and shops and restaurants were unable to give service.

After all, the park decided to close and handed “one day passport” as an apology for free.

Refund was occurred for people who did not want the passport and let the guests who wish to go to Tokyo Disneyland for free.

When receiving this wonderful response the unpleasant feeling ends up minimum even unfortunate thing like “power failure” happens.

Because Tokyo Disney Resort gives an amazing service ignoring their profit they acquire strong trust.

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