【tdr0367】Tokyo DisneySea was used privately?


On April 23rd, 2006 from 6:30pm to 10pm DisneySea was reserved certain group.

The group was “Keio University”.

It was the day of anniversary of founding of the university and for the celebration of 150th year of founding they monopolized Tokyo DisneySea.

The ceremony was started from 7pm with 20 thousand people including students, graduated students, related parties, and Kyoko Uchida as host who is graduated from Keio University.

The ceremony was brought to finish by spectacular presentation, which is to set pyro up after singing “Keio University song Wakaki Chi” at Mediterranean Harbor.

When you hear private party it makes you have an image of celebrity or VIP and it only happens on some special occasion, but actually everyone can use Disney Resort when satisfying the conditions.

The plan is called “Private Evening Party”, it can monopolizes the park from 7pm to 10:30pm with more than 4000 people.

Although, the application must be sent 8 months before the event day and has to be accepted.

It seems companies and schools can be applying for this plan.

By the way, representative director and CEO of Oriental Land “Toshio Kagami” is one of Keio University graduated students.

It may be because of that connection Keio University’s private party become success.

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