【tdr0340】Shop name that took from cartoon that Mickey Mouse made debut on


There is shop that named related to “Steamboat Willie”, which is Mickey Mouse made debut on at American Waterfront at Tokyo Disney Sea.

The name is “Steamboat Mickey’s”.

That name was taken from “Steamboat Willie”.

This shop carries Disney character goods like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and others, also classical black and white Mickey Mouse goods, which call “old Mickey” sells here.

Moreover, on 2004, April 20th, the souvenir medal-manufacturing machine was installed at the shop and sometime people get crowded to make medals. From 2008, April the service of “embroidering on the specific hat” that can be done only at Tokyo Disney Sea is gathering popularity.

Current Mickey Mouse with colors is cute, but simple old Mickey equally cute.

If you want old Mickey goods it would be a great idea to visit this shop.

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