【tdr0319】The secret of flags that are raised at Tokyo DisneySea


As the catch copy of “Where adventure and imagination set sail”, Tokyo DisneySea is the Disney park that themed sea. Because the theme is Sea, so you can see colorful flags at various places at Tokyo DisneySea.

These flags look like national flags, but it is not. Actually it is called “international code flags”, which used internationally between the ships.

With international code flags there is alphabet flag that has one alphabet on one flag, number flag that has one number on one flag, answering flag, and substitute, so these flags make sense by combining that there is one character signal that can be understood by one alphabet, 2 characters signal, which can be understood by combing few sides, or 3 characters signal.

So, such international code flags are raised at Tokyo DisneySea, which is Disney park, so there is no way that these flags are raised without having any meaning to it.

International code flags are raised based on the rule.

For example, the 6 flags that are raised near Magellan’s, it is raised in order of “M”, “I”, “C”, “K”, “E”, and “Y” side by side.

Yes, it says “MICKEY”.

There aren’t many people who know about international code flags well, but it is still having certain meaning.

When visiting Tokyo DisneySea, try to remember about international code flags. It would be fun to walk around by solving the codes.

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