【tdr0302】The secret of red evil at Arabian Coast


“Arabian Coast” is a theme port that resembles the world of Arabian nights from the view of lining buildings that are like palace.

It is one of theme ports of Tokyo DisneySea and is the world cheerful “Genie” in lamp made who appears on Disney film of “Aladdin”.

Genie is blue, but there is “red evil” appears in the film.

“Jafar” who is villain wicked vizier that took over Genie’s fate. He fall into Aladdin’s words and ended up shut in the lamp, but you can see him at “Arabian Coast”.

Jafar is actually in cooking stove.

When you peek inside he who is glowing red weirdly is smashing the heated iron. He’s done enough of evil, so decided to work properly?

He is a wizard vizier and used to be Minister of State. Becoming blacksmith after becoming genie of the lamp… we never know what will happen in life.

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