【tdr0289】Fast food that changed the shape at event of Disney


Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea has more fascinating thing other than attractions.

Yes, it is “fast food”.

The food wagon that you see inside the Disney park you can enjoy various types of fast food like typical popcorn, crepe, or churros and other different fast food like gyoza sausage bun, teriyaki chicken leg, ukiwa bun and Tipo Torta.

May be there are guests who are coming to Tokyo Disney Resort having purpose of having that fast food.

Anyway, fast food that sold at Disney park is delicious, but they are particular about how it looks.

Especially the ukiwa bun that sold at Tokyo DisneySea is not an ordinary Chinese steam bun the cute shape is the appeal point and as the name says it is in motif of swimming ring.

Also, it sometime changes the shape during the events like anniversary and during the 10th anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea in 2011, they sold “ukiwa bun” having “1” beside the swimming ring to make the shape of “10”.

To make the swimming ring as “0” is such a clever idea.

May be in 2021, which is 20th anniversary the “ukiwa bun” that shapes “20” is sold.

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