【tdr0265】The unbelievable reason of half dirty wagon shop.


“Port Discovery”, which is Tokyo DisneySea’s theme land.

This theme land is created in motif of “fictional future”, which was drawn beginning of 20th century and has background story of “the festival is held due to present the research result of StormRider planning “ is exists.

Did you know that there is wagon shop that is half dirty is exists at such “Port Discovery”?

That wagon shop’s name is “Sky watcher Souvenir”.

It is a peculiar wagon shop that right half view from the front is spotless, but the left half has conspicuous rust stain.

Why only the half is dirty…. The reason is related to the “Port Discovery’s” background story.

Actually, this “Sky watcher Souvenir” has swallowed by the storm before (in the story setting). And when the Sky watcher Souvenir was swallowed until the half then “StormRider” was activated.

By that storm disappeared and “Sky watcher Souvenir” did get half dirty, but still exists.

From the idea of applying theme land background story on wagon shop, it can be seen the attitude of not cutting any corners.

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