【tdr0254】DisneySea Aquasphere supposed to get bigger?


The symbolic objet d’art “DisneySea Aquasphere”, which located main entrance of Tokyo DisneySea.

It is diameter of 314.961 inch of globe that is motif of earth, which is water planet and named by coined word of “aqua and sphere”. It is upright by the North Pole is at the top and the South Pole is at the bottom and it goes around taking about 3 minutes and 30 seconds by flowing water from the top.

Such an enormous symbol “DisneySea Aquasphere”, during the process of this project idea of making it bigger was brought up.

The ideal size was diameter of 1968.5 inch. It is 6 times bigger than current size. Even now the size is overwhelming, but when it is bigger than that people would be speechless.

Of course this impossible idea never accepted.

But who wished to make this bigger?

Actually the person has license contracted with Walt Disney Company of America, and second president of Oriental Land Co., Ltd., which runs Tokyo Disney Resort, and contributed when Tokyo Disneyland was first opened and this person is the late Masatomo Takahashi.

After becoming the president he was announced the idea of creating the second park, which became the opportunity of building current Tokyo DisneySea and the late Masato Takahashi is the person who has rendered distinguished service who leaded Tokyo DisneySea as well as Tokyo Disney Resort happen in reality.

It was the idea of his, so it was attempting to accept his wish, but it was unreasonable demand.

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