【tdr0230】Tokyo DisneySea became “the god of toilet”?


In 2011, March 11th “Tohoku Pacific Ocean earthquake”, which was the most disastrous earthquake on record, occurred and huge damage occurred in various regions.

Urayasu City, which Tokyo Disney Resort is located the water was cut off for 37,000 households due to the earthquake. They weren’t able to use water, which is lifeline, so of course water cannot be drank or flush the toilet wasn’t able to do.

During such time, water of Tokyo DisneySea, which was closed due to saving power, repairing, safety confirmation, was decided to use. For school toilets.

2 tank trucks were provided from main fire department of Urayasu City and pumped up the water of Mediterranean Harbor and supplied water to rainwater tank of 5 private elementary and junior high schools. By that school toilets were able to function and was provided as toilets for people who live in the school district.

You never thought of water of Mediterranean Harbor will be used as toilet water, but the land of fairytale became a god of toilets and saved local pinch.

This warmhearted response is admirable.

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