【tdr0163】Information that cannot miss the couples that want to spend time not bothered from others at Tokyo DisneySea.


Tokyo DisneySea is always full of people.

Tokyo DisneySea isn’t the place that couple can “spend time quietly without bothering from others and be just two of us”…

But you are going to romantic Tokyo DisneySea to be surrounded by wonderful views of dreamland! DisneySea is only belonging to us! Don’t you wish to think that and wish to have the place that you can be quiet and be on your own?

Actually Tokyo DisneySea has few spots that is not very well known that couples can spend time quietly?

First I would like to introduce 3 spots from “Mediterranean Harbor”.

1.The bench near Venetian Gondolas.

It is quiet during the day, but especially at night the atmosphere there is great and so romantic. Entire the area is relatively have fewer people. People who want to go on the gondola they walk pass by and not bother to look around, so you can spend time sitting on the bench relaxing.

The bench is located on the back of left side of the other side of bridge that goes over to boarding point of gondola when seeing from the direction of Ristorante di Canaletto.

You can also go from Piazza Topolino (Mickey Mouse Plaza). Piazza Topolino can be found going through the Hotel MiraCosta from the entrance. the going through the path beside Figaro’s Clothier you can find the bench space on the left hand side.

2. Arrival point of Transit Steamer Line.

This area has a great view and you can sense of space here.

The space you can sit quietly and enjoy the company is located at the arrival point of Steamer Line. Many guests walk pass without stopping and according to structural, people who are not going on the Steamer Line cannot be enter the area.

It is the bench space that you see when walking towards to exit when getting off from Transit Steamer Line.

3. Inside the Fortress Explorations

The fortress has a solemn atmosphere that is so quiet, so you can enjoy the moment just two of you just exploring the inside.

Although, until the early evening there is solve a riddle attraction “The Leonard Challenge” is going on.

There are many families with kids not just couples, so depending the time it might get very loud.

There are many spots at “American Waterfront”

1. Beside Steamboat Mickey’s

This place has a great view that ocean fills the whole eyes of yours. There are many benches, but relatively there aren’t many people and depending on the time there is no one there.

The bench is located under a girder bridge of electric railway. You can be alone together to watch the sea and no one would disturb you two. There is stair near the bench that leads to caramel popcorn wagon that is located in front of the Lido Isle, but no one really use that stairs.

Apart from that, there is a path leading to viewing space of show that is beside Lido Isle, but it can be reach to the spot using other path or road, so there aren’t people going there using this route.

2. Beside the terrace tables of Restaurant Sakura.

At this bench space, you can see railways or Prometheus volcano.

When it is the time of The Legend of Mythica, you can see people who will be performing take their places with water scooter.

It is very close to the bench space near the steamboat Mickey’s, but people won’t walk through this area to go somewhere, so no one would be there.

It is located right beside the terrace tables of Restaurant Sakura.

3. S.S Columbia deck. And the best bit is “very front is wall”.

The deck of S.S Columbia often gets popular as place for couples. It is because many people don’t even know that you could go up to the deck. Although, you can be alone together, but there is no bench. May be this isn’t the place for couples who wants to sit and relax.

Yet the best bit isn’t here.

The bench that is located very back of the are that you can see right before going up the deck. You wouldn’t see it if you were walking not paying attention. Around the bench there is only a wall standing having no view, but this is the best place to be alone together without getting noticed from other people.

But there is passageway over the rope and the back of passageway there is back stage. Casts might come out from there with some errands suddenly.

4. A hill beside dockside stage.

The bench space is provided mid lower of the hill. The passageway in front is very busy, but bench space that is located going up the stairs relatively have not many people, but it isn’t the best quiet space.

Many guests are walking very near from that point and crowd of American Waterfront will hits couples.

But this place does not exist on the guest’s traffic line, so they won’t notice about the bench. By that it is place for couples.

5. Cape cod lighthouse: Hurricane point lighthouse.

The bench space located red and white lighthouse that is exists in Cape Cod where it was quiet fishing village. This lighthouse has name and is called “Hurricane point Lighthouse. This place also known as a place for couples like S.S Columbia, but actually this place isn’t very quiet.

This place is very near the guest’s line of flow and actually many people try to take photos here.

Numbers of bench is limited, because there is only few benches, so sometime when the couple comes after and give a look of “we want to sit too…”

So, if you are lucky and got bench to sit then try not to pay attention what’s going on around you. Concentrate about the fact that you are alone together and spend relaxing time.

6. Pier 32.

Between Liberty Landing Diner and Barnacle Bill’s there is area that sticks out to the ocean Pier 32 and bench space.

There isn’t much of romantic atmosphere, but there are many benches that you could sit down at any time and not many people come to sit. You can spend relaxing time. It also has a roof, so you won’t have to worry about the weather, which is probably the biggest merit about this place. You can buy beer at Barnacle Bill’s and drink here.

Pier is where ships get alongside to load or unload the goods and passengers getting on and off. It often built it sticking out to the ocean from the shore.

I would like to introduce one more from “Lost River Delta”.

1. Terrace tables of Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina.

Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina serves great Mexican food like tacos.

Terrace tables are located on the first floor of this restaurant and there are terrace tables that are separated from other tables, which is table with triangle roof and table on the left-center.

It seems separated from others, but it is great for the couples that you can also see Transit Steamer Line very closely.

You will be sitting at the table of restaurant’s, so compare to be seated on benches that are lined up it is difficult to get that table. Although, there aren’t many guests that know about this existence, so the competition rate isn’t so high.

The spots that I have introduced above are very useful spots for everyone.

It is because those can be used as break space when you cannot sit at anywhere on the busy day that limitation of entrance is occurred.

Although, when going there to take a break couples that came thinking they can be alone may give you a look of “what the…” ….

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