【tdr0161】What does the name of “Emporio” mean, which is Tokyo DisneySea the biggest shop.


Mediterranean Harbor in the motif of port town of Portofino or Cinque Terre, which located northwest of Med Italy and canals of Venice. This theme port has lively atmosphere drifts and has purpose of entrance of Tokyo DisneySea.

And this theme port is also famous of having the biggest shop of Tokyo DisneySea “Emporio”. Because it is so big, so the biggest feature is the variety of goods.

They sell special event goods, Disney character goods, general goods, stationary, and clothes and at this shop you can get almost all the goods that sold inside the Disney Park. It is typical that this shop gets so crowded before the park closing by locating near the gates and the variety of goods.

So, Do you know what does “Emporio” mean?

To know that means you would probably say “oh! now I understand”. It has very simple and straightforward meaning.

Emporio means “department store”.

Actually “Emporio” is written “department store” in Italian. Certainly the items and the size of the shop is equivalent to department store, so it’s not wrong, but why is it so simple?

Actually other than Emporio, there are many things written in Italian at Mediterranean Harbor and it is famous that plaza and streets signs that used Disney Characters name such as Mickey Mouse is written in Italian.

You may find so many things at DisneySea when you can translate Italian.

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