【tdr0159】Unbelievably expensive goods is sold at Tokyo DisneySea!?


Theme port that has greens the most at Tokyo DisneySea is “Lost River Delta”.

It is in the motif of dig site of ancient civilization ruins and it is famous by “Indiana Jones Adventure: Kingdom of Crystal Skull”.

“Lost River Delta” has goods that are related to Lost River Delta and goods of “Indiana Jones Adventure: Kingdom of Crystal Skull” are sold at shop that is called “Lost River Outfitters”.

This shop has settings of shop that explorer made of a woman who he was in love and from the meaning of the name of shop “outfitters” there are replica costume of Indiana Jones are sold, so is a great shop for the fans.

“Lost River Outfitters” has other goods than mentioned above this shop sell unbelievable goods, which is actually the featured goods that if you are a fan of Indiana Jones you would want to have it.

The unbelievable goods is “Crystal Skull”.

Yes, the crystal skull is sold here that is familiar with popular attraction Indiana Jones Adventure: Kingdom of Crystal Skull. Of course it is not made with plastic or glass bead that looks like “cheap”.

It is a skull that is made 100% natural rock crystal.

Then the price gets crazy.

It is about \520,000 (about $5,200).

It is not the thing you can buy without thinking it.

But it is a wonderful goods for Indiana Jones fans just to see. If it is not purchased yet it still displayed in the showcase beside the cashier, so what don’t you go see and check if it’s still there.

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