【tdr0158】It seems like Tokyo DisneySea is “amazing” from the world perspective.


“I went to Anaheim Disneyland”.

It is one of phrase that wants to say once in a life.

I have a friend told me that once.

I was jealous and was sort of disappointed. But it makes me happier to know a friend went to Anaheim, also it makes mixed feelings.


People outside of Japan think “Tokyo DisneySea is amazing” apparently.

“Tokyo DisneySea” is one of amusement parks that people “have to go”.

This is ranked by TripAdviser based on reviews of “amusement parks” and “waterparks” from tourists all over the world.

“Travelers choice. The world popular tourism spots 2014, the amusement parks and waterparks”

Based on this rank “the top 10 of world amusement parks” are as follow.

Majority of it is located in America…

1st Discovery Cove (U.S.A)
2nd Europe Park (Germany)
3rd Universal’s Islands of Adventure (U.S.A)
4th Magic Kingdom (U.S.A)
5th Disney Hollywood Studio (U.S.A)
6th Beto Carrero World (Brazil)
7th Disneyland (U.S.A)
8th Universal Studio Singapore (Singapore)
9th Port Adventura Park (Spain)
10th Disney Animal Kingdom (U.S.A)

Japan gets involved with “Top 10 of Asian amusement parks”

1st Universal Studio Singapore (Singapore)
2nd Ocean Park Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
3rd Tokyo DisneySea (Japan)
4th Tokyo Disneyland (Japan)
5th Hong Kong Disneyland (Hong Kong)
6th Universal Studio Japan (Japan)
7th Wander la Amusement Park (India)
8th Vinpearl Amusement Park (Vietnam)
9th Harbin Ice and Snow Amusement World (China)
10th Ramoji Film City (India)

“Tokyo DisneySea” that is ranked 3rd is a very unique theme park that can only created in Japan according to foreign tourists.

In the 6th, “Universal Studio Japan” is also involved.

For instance, according to the review of American tourists…

If you are a person who loves Disney the Tokyo DisneySea won’t let you down!

The park is created high quality and created deliberately. It still has the classic Disney atomospher and also has the originality of Japan. And is so clean! The cleaness of Japan is beyond what you can imagine. There is not even a dust on the street. Attractions, food, theme park characters, and everything about Tokyo DisneySea are so unique and fresh!

This person is praise Tokyo DisneySea to the skies. Thank you.

Also with “Top 10 of World Waterparks” Related Disney gets ranked in 3rd and 4th.

1st Siam Park (Spain)
2nd Beach Park (Brazil)
3rd Disney Blizzard Beach (U.S.A)
4th Disney Typhoon Lagoon (U.S.A)
5th Waterbom (Indonesia)
6th Wild Wadi Water Park (United Arab Emirates)
7th Hot Park Brazil (Brazil)
8th Adventure Waterpark (United Arab Emirates)
9th Aquatica (U.S.A)
10th Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Paradise Island (Bahamas)

But with “Top 10 of Asian Water Parks”, Japan doesn’t get involved…
However how many times seeing, unfortunately there isn’t.

It doesn’t go like “amusement parks ranking”.

1st Waterbom (Indonesia)
2nd Flow House Bangkok (Thai land)
3rd Black Mountain Water Park (Thai land)
4th Water Kingdom (India)
5th Chimelong Water Park (China)
6th Waterbom Jakarta (Indonesia)
7th Coco Splash Water Park (Thai land)
8th Circus Waterpark Bali (Indonesia)
9th Wild Wild Wet (Singapore)
10th Dam Sen Water Park (Vietnam)

It “seems” like there are more dynamic waterparks than DisneySea exist in Asia. From my poor imagination “is it really there are waterparks that goes beyond DisneySea?”

Let’s pray for our Tokyo DisneySea growth.

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