【tdr0095】Mayor with Tokyo DisneySea?


Tokyo DisneySea is the theme park run by Oriental Land Company, but did you know that there is a “Mayor” with Tokyo DisneySea?

The Mayor isn’t the Mayor of Urayasu City, because DisneySea exists in Urayasu City. Mayor is actually works inside the Tokyo DisneySea.

To be Accurate, there is a Mayor that jurisdiction over “Porto Paradiso”, which exists on Mediterranean Harbor inside the Tokyo DisneySea and the name is “Mayor of Porto Paradiso”. People call “Mayor”.

The Mayor sometime walk around to inspection within the jurisdiction, so some people probably have seen the Mayor. But some people think, “who is that foreigner?” by not knowing about the Mayor.

So, such a Mayor, the work is not just to inspect. Mayor has one important duty.

The important duty of Mayor is “wedding”.

When choosing “non religious wedding” from the choice of “Christian wedding” or “non religious wedding at Hotel MiraCosta, the Mayor’s duty comes.

He will be the host of non-religious wedding. This is such an important duty. For such an important duty, he shares the humorous and liven up the wedding.

He is not a stranger, he is the Mayor, so it would be great to say hello to him. I am sure he will be nice.

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