【tdr0083】Tokyo DisneySea has something that is connected to real world.


Based on the slogan of “welcome one and all to a world where Imagination and Adventure set sail”, Tokyo DisneySea supports the Tokyo Disney Resorts together with Tokyo Disneyland.

Sea and adventure theme park has “something” that is connected to the real world. Us, the guests cannot be seen, but what do you think it is?

It is “road” actually.

May be you cannot figure out, but there is one lane road from just outside of the Tokyo DisneySea to inside the park and various products or equipment are carried by using this road.

This road exists between “Mysterious Island” and “Mermaid Lagoon”. These theme ports exists side by side, but have you notice that there is a road?

Actually, between of these theme ports, there is a road when seeing from inside the park and when seeing from the guest point of view, the tunnel that exists between “Mysterious Island” and “Mermaid Lagoon” is the road.

Tokyo Disney Resorts always considered hiding buildings or views for the guest to not feel the reality. Therefore, the road was laid and built perfectly to not able to see from inside the park.

The road that cannot be seen inside the park, but it can be confirm with Google Map aerial view, so if you are curious it would be great to see by zooming in.

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