【tdr0061】Arabic cuisine customized to Japanese taste


Tokyo DisneySea has a theme port called “Arabian Coast”, which was created by Genie in the Disney film “Aladdin” by magic. With buildings looking like palaces, the area has an atmosphere of the world of the Arabian Nights.

If you have a meal in the theme port with such an Arabic atmosphere, you should try ‘Casbah Food Court’, which serves Arabic dishes such as curry, stir-fried noodles and Tandoori chicken over the counter. There are around 860 seats.

The inside of the food court is very large: there are four (three types of) counters.

Since December 2004, the food court has been offering ‘curry buffet’ in the evenings (on an irregular basis), which makes it a must-go restaurant especially for curry fans.

The Casbah Food Court is very popular among the guests now and it is not rare that the seats are all occupied. However, in the beginning they suffered stagnant sales. It was because many people thought the Arabic dishes, features of this restaurant, are too authentic to suit their taste.

Thus, their desire to make the guests enjoy authentic Arabic foods under the world view of the Arabian Nights turned out differently. It is quite understandable because Japanese people have their own taste and real, authentic cuisines do not always appeal to all tastes.

That is why they shifted to ‘Arabic dishes suited to the Japanese taste’ and are now serving great foods satisfying all the guests.

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