【tdr0035】 Measures against drunkards in Tokyo DisneySea


There is something you can buy in Tokyo DisneySea but not in Tokyo Disneyland. Do you know what it is?

That is alcohol drink.

Some restaurants in Tokyo DisneySea serve alcohol, where you can drink. As written above, no alcohol drink is sold in Tokyo Disneyland, so DisneySea is popular among adult Disney fans who love drinking.

However, drinking is inseparable from drinking-related trouble ? reveling, picking quarrel, rioting, which may cause the other guests trouble. So there is a manual for the cast members working in this restaurant to deal with drunken guests smoothly.

The manual specifies the standards as follows:

○ Blue (Level 1): Tipsy; Cast members talk to the guest to see his/her condition.
○ Yellow (Level 2): Drunk; Cast members recommend the guest to have something other than alcohol.
○ Red (Level 3): Highly intoxicated and may do harm to others; Management-level cast members directly deal with the guest.

Thus, the cast members are responding to the drunken guests based on how drunk they are.

However, there are very few guests who let themselves go and drink too much in the dreamland. Most of them are reasonable and matured. With those who enjoy drinking within their capacity, the cast members do not have to make use of the manual.

Enjoy drinking moderately and have a pleasant day!

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