【tdr0006】How surprising! The carnival was not well-received due to the length?


Before officially opened on September 4, 2001, Tokyo DisneySea held a preview and invited a number of people including the shareholders, sponsors and local people living in Urayasu City. The purpose of this preview was not just to perform a rehearsal, but also to hear the invited guests’ opinions and see if there is room for improvement. The company received a wide variety of opinions, most of which were positive and favorable. There were few negative feedback…

… except one opinion.

The opinion was about the water show “Porto Paradiso Water Carnival”. Then, what do you think they felt negative about? Was it the performance? Was there a problem in the staging? Well… no, there was no problem with these aspects. The fact is: It was about the duration of the carnival; they said it was too long.

No matter how the performance and staging are gorgeous, powerful and perfect, if the show is too long, the audience gets distracted and unfocused. They may not be able to enjoy the show or may even feel uncomfortable. Actually, the guests who saw the carnival at the preview had a bored look on their faces, which made the company take this issue seriously.

The Oriental Land felt the necessity of making an improvement, but the opening day was just around the corner. Under such circumstances, it would have been reasonable to give up doing so. However, the Oriental Land thought that, if they opened Disneyland as it was, they would not be able to entertain the guests who had been looking forward to the opening.

After careful consideration, the Oriental Land decided to shorten the duration of the carnival despite the very limited time until the opening. During the short period of time, they successfully shortened and adjusted it into a perfect show. As a result of the improvement, the Porto Paradiso Water Carnival became a very popular water show, which was enjoyed by the guests during the period between the opening and May 7, 2006.

Making possible improvements until the very last minute… all these efforts are intended to ‘satisfy the guests’. That spirit is much to be admired.

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