tdr0999_Have you all seen it already? Once Upon a Time


Night regular entertainment shows “Once Upon a Time” that is held at Tokyo Disneyland from May 29th 2014.

The “projecting mapping” that is projecting three-dimensional image to the wall of Tokyo Disneyland’s symbol “Cinderella Castle” using 20 of projectors is overwhelming.

It is a highly recommended entertainment adding special effects of razors or searchlights and fireworks.

The running time is about 20 minuets. Three-dimensional image gets project familiar characters or scenes from Disney films to Cinderella Castle, which is used as a screen.

The story of “Once Upon a Time” starts with scene of Mrs. Potts putting his son Chip Potts asleep that appears in “Beauty and the Beast”.

When Mrs. Potts starting to tell a story with “Once upon a time” then the story goes on as if she is flipping the picture book of famous story “Alice in Wonderland”, “Tangled”, “Peter Pan”, and “Snow White”.

You can get impressive experience that you haven’t had before.

Also, with “Ana and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy”, which was held from January 13th to March 20th 2015 “Once Upon a Time ~Special Winder Edition~” that replaced one part of the performance with “Frozen” was held.

It gathered many attentions and because it was a success it was decided to held during “Ana and Elsa’s Frozen Fantasy” event in 2016.

If you still haven’t seen or haven’t seen winter edition then how about seeing it next time?

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