tdr0976_Each block of World Bazar has name?


Theme land “World Bazar” is located after going through the main entrance of Tokyo Disneyland.

I am sure there is many people get excited when looking at the “All Weather Cover” that covers above you.

So, theme land “World Bazar” that has such beginning actually have 4 names per block.

The border of crossroad that is at center of World bazar…

– front right after entering the park: MO1 (block of Grand Emporium and other)
– front left after entering the park : MO2 (block of Main Street House and other)
– Back right after entering the park: MO3 (block of Restaurant Hokusai or Toy Station)
– Back left after entering the park: MO4 (block of Disney Gallery and Club 33)

As you can see each block has name.

This way of calling the block is not well known generally, but when remembering the name of the block it would be convenient when contacting your accompany.

By the way “MO1″ means “Main Street Zero One”.

It is probably named by shortening Main Street’s 1st block.

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