tdr0975_Surprising common point with “Jubilation!” and “Happiness is Here”


Day parade “Jubilation!” was performed from April 15th 2008 to April 5th 2013 to celebrate 25th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland.

“Happiness is Here” started to perform from April 15th 2013 when the Tokyo Disney Resort 30th anniversary event “The Happiness Year” started by taking over the “Jubilation!”.

Both have full of thrill and very popular day parades and there is surprising common point with these two.

Actually the music piece and melody of “Jubilation!” and “Happiness is Here” are different, but same composer participated.

That composer is “Mark Hammond”.

He is a person who composes and makes arrangements of music that is used with Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea.

By the way, the person who edited “Mysterious Masquerade” that used with Tokyo DisneySea’s Halloween event is also Mark Hammond.

This has different melody, but all the music is so attractive.

It is exciting to hear his music in the future.

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