tdr0939_Typical stereotyped Disney! Ranking of “things tend to do when going to Disneyland”


When going to Tokyo Disneyland using one of your holidays then sometimes you “bungle” unconsciously by having too much fun.

Have you ever bought too many souvenirs, got too excited, or had too much to eat?

So, ranking of such “things tend to do when going to Disneyland” was announced with goo research.

[Things tend to do when going to Disneyland]

Research period: May 31st to June 3rd 2013
Number of valid responses:1,069

1st: Waved at characters on the float during parade
2nd: Chosen souvenirs by the cuteness of the cans
3rd: Because coming to Tokyo Disneyland with effort bought way too many and eaten too much
4th: Planned way too solidly to make to as many attractions
5th: Ran with full speed to get fastpass more than anything when entering the Park
6th: Taken pictures even characters that cannot recognize
7th: Chosen souvenirs with cuteness of package rather than what’s inside
8th: Because not wanting to go home, so stayed and had fun until right before the close time
9th: Bought souvenirs before the park closes even knowing it is crowded
10th: Went on the same attraction many times in a day

I am sure each one of it can make you nod your head.

The thought of coming to Tokyo Disneyland with effort is making guests do things above.

Although, behavior that involves others or dangerous behavior like running with full speed is taboo.

Have fun while having responsibility.

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