tdr0869_What happened with floats that used with “Jubilation” now?


“Jubilation” is a day parade that started from April 15th 2008 to April 5th 2013 at Disneyland for celebrating 25th year of Tokyo Disneyland.

It is organized with 9 floats that has theme of Disney film’s one scene or Disney’s view of the world, so this parade was very popular as gorgeous parade that “jubilant”.

Because the “Happiness is Here”, which is 30th anniversary parade of Tokyo Disneyland starts from 2013, so Jubilation ended on April 5th 2013, but what happened to the floats that were used with parade now?

Actually some parts of float is reused in Disney Park.

-“Float 2/ Princess Garden”, “Float 7/Bubbles”

From March 9th 2014 these started used with “Festival of Fantasy Parade”, which is day parade at Florida Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom.

-Little Green Men float from “Pixar Pals”

From June 2015 this started to use with “Disney Paint the Night ~new Electrical Parade~”, which is 60th anniversary parade of Disneyland.

Floats that are finished the work exported to oversea rather than disposal.

By the way there was a time “Jubilation” performed as a night parade for only one day.

It was performed as one of programs of “Tokyo Disney Resort 25th Anniversary Special Night” after the park was closed on April 11th 2008.

Only the selected guests by drawings could only see this special parade, so they got to see “Jubilation” earlier than the real performance.

I am sure those guests who were selected had such a good time.

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