tdr0866_Bicycle Pianist “Steven’s” career


“Steven Shaw” plays bicycle piano at World Bazar in Tokyo Disneyland.

He is a cheerful pianist who is well known with people who come to Tokyo Disneyland often, but his past career is not well known.

What was he doing before playing piano at dreamland?

Steven was born in British Columbia, Canada on November 5th 1961.

He started to learn piano from age of 6 and became professional at age of 14 to play at restaurants and hotels.

More surprisingly he finished all the 12 years of work with only 5 years from 13 to 18 years old. It is such a story that can see how Steven is a genius, but Steven says, “It is all because of what my piano teacher did for me”.

And in 1985 Steven moved to Vancouver and continued playing piano while having work as carpenter and printing.

He was wishing that someday he could live just playing Piano.

After 13 years, 1998 fateful audition was held.

Yes, audition that was seeking a performer at Tokyo Disneyland was held and Steven participated.

He was accepted, signed the 10 months contract, and started to perform with all the power he has. Steven’s finest performance started talk everywhere, so his contract was extended and he is still now playing piano at World Bazar.

Pianist “Steven Shaw” embodied that dream will come true.

He is making the guests enjoy at dreamland that is far, far away from his hometown.

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