tdr0853_Permanent edition? The list of Tokyo Disneyland wagon food



Cafe Orleans: Crepe
Skipper’s Galley: Teriyaki Chicken Leg
Squeezer’s Tropical Juice Bar: Tropical Sunday
The Garzebo: Bread Corn
Park Side Wagon: Churros
Fresh Fruit Oasis: fruits
Boiler Room Bits: walk and eat sweets (limited offer)
Royal Street Veranda: drinks only (frozen drinks during summer)


Canteen: Ice Candy
Pecos Bill Cafe: Porn Rib, Churros

[Critter Country]

Rakkety’s Raccoon Saloon: Churros, Tortilla dog, etc


Out of Bounds Ice Cream: Ice Candy
ToonTone Treat: Ice Cream Sandwich, etc
ToonPo: Popcorn
Pop-a-Lot Popcorn: Popcorn (corn potage)
Mickey’s Trailer: Spring Roll


Space Plate Food Port: Scrump Dumpling, Sandy, etc
Soft Landing: Soft Ice Cream
The Popping Pod: Popcorn (Caramel)
Lite Bite Satellite: Churros (Strawberry)


Village pastry: Chilled Tipo Torta
Troubadour Tavern: Ice Cream

[World Bazar]

Ice Cream Corn: Ice Cream
Grate American Waffle Company: Waffle
Refreshment Corner: hotdog

(October 2015 edit)

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