tdr0829_Countdown at Tokyo Disneyland before it was opened broadcasted?


Everyday countdown event is held at Tokyo Disneyland. Many guests are coming from far away for this day.

The way the atmosphere rising before the date changes cannot experience at other.

Anyway, the first time the countdown event held at Tokyo Disneyland was in 1983, which is the year Tokyo Disneyland opened.

Since Tokyo Disneyland opened and until now the countdown event is holding each and every year (as of 2015), but countdown event was held at Tokyo Disneyland even before that.

Actually from 11:59, 45 second of December 31st 1982 to January 1st 1983, which is before Tokyo Disneyland opened, was broadcasted.

It was broadcasted by “Yukutoshi Kurutoshi”, which is the oldest TV program that started since 1927 (radio station at that time).

During the broadcasting, Disney characters like Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse and first Disney Ambassador appeared and countdown event was held.

“Yukutoshi Kurutoshi” is a TV program that still acquiring more than 20% of program rating every year.

It shows how much the attention towards Tokyo Disneyland were high that popular TV program brought up.

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