tdr0819_Preconstruction and after construction of Tokyo Disneyland


Tokyo Disneyland became established as dreamland now. It is a famous story that where Tokyo Disneyland is now used to be ocean.

In 1979, place where Tokyo Disneyland is now was vacant plot that is just filled up.

When comparing the aerial picture of after construction (1989), positional relation can be noticeable, but I am sure people never thought of having dreamland at that land.

Serious construction started in January 1981 and total project cost that thrown until it completes is $1.8 billion.

Total project cost went over the estimated construction fee of $1 billion, but because Takahashi CEO (at that time) told “build the real thing” and never compromise, so Tokyo Disneyland is still loved by many people.

It is exciting to see how this dreamland changes.

Let’s look forward to the dreamland that never stops progressing.

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