tdr0795_Mentioned taboo things of dreamland? The Prime Minister slipped of tongue


“Toshiki Kaifu” was 76th and 77th Prime Minister during August 10th to November 5th 1991.

While him holding the post the approval rate was 64% when at peak and even before him retiring it was over 50%, so he was a politician that had high support from nation with “clean and fresh image”.

Anyway while he was holding the post of Prime Minister in 1990, he visited Tokyo Disneyland, but he said something that is prohibited to say at dreamland and created a ripple.

The thing he said was…

“Mickey, Minnie, and people who are inside of them thank you so much for the work.”

I am sure he didn’t mean it.

He just wanted to appreciate their work by seeing Mickey and Minnie performing.

But no one is inside of Mickey or Minnie at dreamland Disneyland is unspoken rule.

He probably didn’t know about it.

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