tdr0787_Huge certain thing appeared in Ginza when constructing Tokyo Disneyland


Serious construction of Tokyo Disneyland started in January 1981.

While much expectation was rising for the birth of dreamland that nobody have seen before many trucks or tractors were delivering materials to Maihama.

During such time, “certain huge item”, which is for some attraction was travelling from Ginza to Maigama and it made everyone on the street surprised.

That certain huge thing is ….”dinosaur”.

Quite mismatched situation like dinosaur that died way long time ago appeared in the city of Ginza. Even it is pulled by a tractor that view was quite abnormal.

By the way this dinosaur was delivered to use for Western River Rail Road”, so it was set in the “world of ancient times”, which is waiting ahead of traveling time form pioneer days.

When thinking that dinosaur in Tokyo Disneyland traveled Ginza over 30 years ago it is something that is hard to imagine.

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